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Acrylic & Sublimation Items

Whether indoor or outdoor, acrylics are the best choice due to their wide range of applications and versatile nature. Acrylic plastic is one of the oldest synthetic materials on the market today. If you’re not familiar with this material, it’s Plexiglass, which is a common name for it. It has a wide range of applications across several industries including acrylic sandwich frames, acrylic boxes, acrylic display stands, and cut-outs. As acrylics are easier to fabricate, shape, and maintain due to their light nature; it has made them favorable by customers all around the world. At Print Factory, we provide all these services which can be customized by our customers in the most innovative way possible.

Sublimation printing offers room for more creativity and distinctive designs due to the use of full-color printing. In comparison to screen printing, the range of materials that can be printed on is substantially larger. Sublimation mugs, metal sheets, photo rock slates, ceramic tiles, and mouse pads are a few among the several services that are provided here. Gifting our loved ones has become effortless due to the emergence of this technique. All our services are customizable and can be done rapidly with extreme precision.

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